The Cavaliers and Warriors Both Took A “Party City” L Last Night

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I had this in my Take Of The Day portion of the Ham’s Hoops Roundup. For anyone new, it’s a morning Roundup of the NBA that I did, then stopped doing, but will now be doing again every day. Scores and ATS Results

This is less of a take than it is an outright fact. Folks, if you don’t subscribe to the belief that great teams falter in party cities, I don’t know what to tell you at this point. Last night we got a double example. Absolute dregs of the NBA season. Still three weeks from All Star/having to start to care again. Lot of teams just going through the motions and trying to avoid major injury. Two absolute juggernauts, both of whom understand 1) that they can cruise until the playoffs and 2) that teams need to have fun and let loose a couple of times per year. Cleveland coming off a tough OT loss to San Antonio on Saturday night. Golden State rolling to an easy win over Orlando on Sunday early afternoon. Cleveland in New Orleans a night early. Golden State in Miami a night early.

Of course they both lost last night.

It’s not even like everyone on the Warriors was doing LIV on Sunday, die on Monday. Or that everyone on the Cavs was on Bourbon slamming shots at Pat O’Briens. Though I’m pretty confident the majority of them (Draymond and Klay, Kyrie and Shump, and of course the god himself JR Smith if he made the trip) were. It could be as simple as a team dinner that might last a few hours longer and go a few dozen bottles deeper than it would in, say, Milwaukee.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lord knows these dudes have earned it, and the coaches do to. Sure, these guys are adults who will ultimately make their own decisions. But you can bet Sunday night was one of about 3 or 4 instances throughout the season where Steve Kerr and Ty Lue Lebron James said “go ahead fellas, have a night”.

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