The New York Giants Organization Is Absolutely Pathetic

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Hey New York Giants… Hey John Mara… Hey Jerry Reese… Hey Benny Mac…


What in the absolute f is going on here? How is this happening? What planet am I living on right now?

The one thing… the one thing I thought I could count on when it came to the disgusting prevalence of domestic violence and pathetic response to it by the NFL… the one thing I thought I could count on was the New York Giants handling it the right way.

Not just from a public relations standpoint, which means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of this issue. Not even from the standpoint that it’s the right thing to do. But because it’s the logical answer.

This front office puffs it’s chest and waves it’s dick about being the “classiest” organization in the league. “We only take high character guys” “We pride ourselves on being a class organization” “We do not condone domestic violence” blah blah blah blah blah.

What a croc of shit.

This organization is no different than every other garbage organization in this entire garbage ass league. All a bunch of greedy, pompous douchebags who hide behind “class” and “dignity” and “the shield” to cover up the fact that they’ll sweep anything under the rug to continue to line their outrageously overstuffed pockets. John Mara is no different than Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft and Stan Kroenke and every other piece of shit billionaire who owns an NFL team.

So let’s stop this charade that the Giants are somehow “classier” than the rest of them. Why? Because the same family has owned the team since 1925. What does that have to do with the character of the ownership group?

The Giants took taxpayer money to build a new stadium yet still charged fans outrageous prices for PSL’s just to retain the right to buy season tickets in the new stadium. But hey, the Giants are a classy, family run organization, right! Roger Goodell is a puppet for the owners and John Mara is regarded as one of the most influential owners and in the last decade we’ve seen the NFL ignore concussions, domestic violence, HGH, and more… all while cracking down on weed use and concocting a ball deflation controversy to deflect attention from real issues. But hey, John Mara’s a real class act and runs a family business, right! And now this team took back a self-admitted domestic abuser because… what? We needed a kicker? But hey, just a little old $3 billion net value Mom and Pop shop, right! So classy.

Get out of my face.

Oh you don’t draft players like Laramy Tunsil who smoked weed on camera because he doesn’t meet the high standards of a New York Giant? Oh you’re not okay with Odell Beckham celebrating touchdowns because that’s not the Giant way?

Cool. You also willfully ignored and continue to downplay the fact that your kicker is a sociopath who admitted to abusing and torturing his wife. He TOLD you he did that, and you let it slide because there was no video and you needed a reliable kicker this year. And even after ALL OF THIS has come out… even after we’ve read the journal entries of this sociopath who openly resents his kids and admits to treating his wife like a slave… you haven’t let him go.

Classy stuff from a classy, family-run organization, right? Real high-character New York Giants football.

Why they haven’t let him go… I have no clue. Honestly, watching this play out is one of the most mind-boggling things I’ve seen in professional sports. Shit, in any walk of life. The fact that this guy hasn’t been cut will go down as arguably the worst PR decision of all time. This organization that’s been so careful to remain clean cut and “classy”…and here we are with Ben McAdoo treating this situation as if people are questioning his clock management:

And John Mara dropping what has to be the most regrettable, asinine, pathetic quote I’ve ever seen

This situation is a disaster. John Mara and the entire front office deserve every bit of shit that’s being thrown their way.

This organization is pathetic.


ESPN  —   Josh Brown will be put on the commissioner’s exempt list Friday and has kicked his last kick with the New York Giants, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen. Multiple sources also expressed real doubt that Brown would ever kick again in the NFL after documents surfaced this week in which the veteran kicker admitted to domestic abuse against his wife. The Giants and the NFL said that they would review those documents.

Aaaand he’s gone… Glad to see that all it takes is a mountain of evidence (that you already had), public pressure, and 24 hours of fake soul searching to make the decision to cut ties with a psychopath domestic abuser. Cool.

P.S.   I’d love to hear from all the Giants fans who lose their minds about Odell’s celebrations and antics and want Colin Kaepernick beheaded for protesting. All those fucking mooks. Please, guys, tell us how furious this makes you. If you can scream yourself to tears over an act of protest, god knows what this will do. Let’s see that anger. Or does domestic violence just not press your buttons the same way as a player’s “me first” attitude during a football game.


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