Laugh Out Loud Funny Picture From Trump’s “African American Town Hall” With Sean Hannity

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Look I know today has been a lot more race-heavy and serious issue-full than this website should ever be but I couldn’t not share this picture. It’s so goddamn funny.

Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, a carefully selected group of Conservative-leaning pastors auditioning for a gig as Fox News’s token black contributor, and a crowd of old white people half of which were just picked up by Saul Goodman from a Golden Corral. This is the group that will solve the issues of race and policing in this country. In this room right here, positive progress and real change begins. Diversity, ladies and gentlemen… that’s what makes this country so great.

You can stand up now Kaepernick. Racism is over.

P.S.   “Motherfucker…”




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