Ham’s Hoops Roundup Thursday 1/25: Now Boarding, Are Lingus Flight #5

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The NBA makes a big play for legalized gambling, Draymond posterizes poor No Neck, Ben Simmons and Andre Drummond respond to their All Star snubs, Boston rights the ship after Gordon Hayward gets some shots up, and Pat Connaughton takes flight in Portland. It’s the Hoops Roundup for Thursday, January 25th. Let’s get it…

Scores from Wednesday, January 24th:

New Orleans 101  –  Charlotte 96
Utah 98  –  Detroit 95  OT
Phoenix 101  –  Indiana 116
Chicago 101  –  Philadelphia 115
Toronto 108  –  Atlanta 93
Houston 104  –  Dallas 97
San Antonio 108  –  Memphis 85
Minnesota 114  –  Portland 123
Boston 113  –  LA Clippers 102

Around The Association

First off… Tonight they’re announcing the teams LeBron and Steph picked for All Star. I’m at a real loss here for why they wouldn’t just make them do this live. You put LeBron and Steph somewhere live, together, making picks – that’s must watch television. And why is it now? All Star is four weeks from now. What happens if someone gets hurt or drops out? What happens when you do this whole draft now only for Anthony Davis to roll and ankle and get replaced by Andre Drummond in two weeks?

Do it live, at All Star, on Thursday night, with everyone there in the crowd, getting players reactions, and get that entire Friday of the sports world dissecting the draft building up to the game on Saturday.

A rare and extremely disappointing dropping of the ball by the league here. I’m gonna roll out my Mel Kiper Mock Draft of this later today. But just know this, Adam Silver… I am perturbed.

Speaking of Adam Silver… A monumental moment happened yesterday…

Silver sent Dan Spillane, an attorney for the league, to testify in front of the New York State Senate committee to formally lay out the NBA’s proposal to parter in legalized gambling.

You can read more about it from Windhorst above. But the basics here are that the NBA has proposed a set of laws that would be the basis for legalized gambling, the two biggest details being:

  1. “The NBA wants 1 percent of every bet made on its games in addition to other regulations, a request that could create massive revenue for the NBA and other sports leagues in the future.”
  2. The NBA wants more widespread access to gambling for its fans, pushing for bets to be made legal on smartphones and kiosks and not just inside casinos and racetracks. “

There’s going to be pushback here.

The American Gaming Association, which obviously does not want to give up that 1%, is already playing the “that’s taxable money that could go to public works” and “the government shouldn’t be transferring money from bettors to multi-billion dollar sports leagues” cards.

The NBA is playing the “We provide the actual product, we’re taking on all the risk and have to invest more in compliance and enforcement, we need compensation” card.

It’ll be a BATTLE. And we can get into the logistics and details and debates at a later point. Right now just know that yesterday was a seminal moment in the push for legalized gambling.

Speaking of Brian Windhorst (transition game is on fire today)


Oh hey look… there’s Gordon Hayward getting shots up four months after his left foot detached from his body. That makes sense.

I laughed a good amount at this.

New Orleans 101  –  Charlotte 96

New Orleans  (26-21)  6th in West
Charlotte  (19-27)  11th in East

One game removed from Boogie’s 44/24/10 performance, the Pels got a much more balanced effort. Four of five starters took 10+ shots. Four of five starters scored in double digits. And four of five starters had at least 4 assists. Boogie (16p/13r/5a/5b) and AD (19p/6r/4a/3s/2b) filled the sheet on both ends.

Utah 98  –  Detroit 95  OT

Utah  (20-28)  10th in West
Detroit  (22-24)  9th in East

Andre Drummons (30p/24r/4a/3s/6b) put up the game of his life one night after being snubbed for All Star, even hitting 8 of 12 free throws.

This follows his last game – an inspired 7 point night in a loss to Brooklyn. But hey, glad you could get motivated last night Andre. Your team has still lost six in a row and 10 of your last 13 and is falling further and further out of the playoffs. Enjoy that February break.

Phoenix 101  –  Indiana 116

Phoenix  (17-31)  13th in West
Indiana  (26-22)  6th in East

Not great, Phoenix. Not great.

Chicago 101  –  Philadelphia 115

Chicago  (18-30)  12th in East
Philadelphia  (23-21)  7th in East

Ben Simmons wasn’t making the All Star game, but this is probably the last time we’ll say that. He came out and posted a 19p/17r/14a triple double last night – reaching the triple double just one minutes into the second half.

Embiid (22p/5r/2b) and Saric (21p/10r with 4 threes) helped simply overpower that Bulls frontline all night.

Zach LaVine (21p/7r/3a) has looked good in limited minutes (still just 21 per game) since coming back.

Toronto 108  –  Atlanta 93

Toronto  (32-14)  2nd in East
Atlanta  (14-33)  14th in East

Toronto held a block party int he ATL, swatting 12 shots on their way to a nice, easy victory

And Atlanta continues the tank full speed ahead.

Interested to see if they can parlay some of their vets into some extra draft assets at the deadline. They’re gonna be a player in the next few weeks.

Houston 104  –  Dallas 97

Houston  (34-12)  2nd in West
Dallas  (16-32)  14th in West

Easy work again for Harden (25p/5r/13a) and Paul (12p/7r/4a) and also Clint light days work Capela (16p/13r/2s/2b). Houston is 4-0 since Harden’s return and, coincidentally, since the infamous Secret Tunnel Fight in LA last week. It’s insane how long ago that feels already thanks to the never-ending news cycle. This league just never stops.

Maybe the best synchronized NBA players video yet. Perfect choreography on a very nontraditional move. Incredible.

San Antonio 108  –  Memphis 85

San Antonio  (32-18)  3rd in West
Memphis  (17-30)  12th in West

San Antonio had a perfectly Spursian eight players in double figured with none over 15

Pau won the battle of the Gasols, coming an assist shy of a triple double (14p/15r/9a) in besting Marc (18p/7r)

THROW IT DOWN… Davis Bertans?

Minnesota 114  –  Portland 123

Minnesota  (31-19)  4th in West
Portland  (26-22)  7th in West

Two days removed from the alleged Dame Lillard-Paul Allen meeting was reported, the Blazers backcourt came out with some purpose.

Dame (31p/4r/6a) and CJ (28p/3r/5a) combined for 10 threes. And the Blazers rode a 43 point third quarter to a really nice win

But the star of the night? Folks, that was Pat Connaughton.

Air Lingus took off for three dunks and as a lad of Irish descent I feel confident in saying that this is the single highest an Irish person as ever been.

Boston 113  –  LA Clippers 102

Boston  (35-14)  1st in East
LA Clippers  (23-24)  9th in West

Boston’s under the radar because Cleveland is on fire but still disconcerting four game losing streak is over, thanks to a balanced effort from the starters led by Kyrie (20p/8r/7a) and Tatum (18p/6r/3a).

Plus a nice effort off the bench from Terry Rozier (15p/4a) in place of Marcus Smart.

Where was Smart? He lacerated his hand after going Amare on a glass table in his hotel room after his absolutely GARBAGE game winner attempt against the Lakers on Tuesday.

You could say that was… not smart. Alright I’m done for the day.


Schedule for Thursday, January 25th:

7:30   Sacramento  @  Miami
8:00   Washington  @  Oklahoma City
9:00   New York  @  Denver
10:30   Minnesota  @  Golden State

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