What’s The Fashion: Wyatt Ingraham Koch Men’s Shirts Are The New Must-Have Item

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Friends are always asking me, “Ham, you’re on the internet, what are the trends?”

Well folks,, this boy is about to do it. I am now in the fashion game. Welcome to What’s The Fashion. That may seem like an odd fit – but what is fashion if not a series of odd fits? I know my lane. I wear the same five flannels every time I go out because it works. I’ve got slow feet and a rocket arm so I sit in the pocket and trust my o-line. Joe Webb can put down the clipboard and return kickoffs. Tom Brady can’t run a sub-six 40. You tell me who the better athlete is…

…because those days are over for me. Now I’ll tell you whoms mans is more stylish. I’ll tell you the fits to cop and the looks to rock without any of the pretentiousness you’ve come to expect from the fashion world. Think of me as a fashion guy for the guy’s guy. I’ll be your go between so that you can impress that hot babe and get laid without feeling like such a puss for shopping. All my boys are trying to do is take our clothes off am I right? Well let me be the bro who let’s you know which clothes you should rock to ensure you get there.

Speaking of guy’s guy. No more guy’s guy out there in the fashion world than Wyatt Ingraham. I’ve been waiting for the right product to debut the site’s new direction. This is it…

For all my boys looking to go from the board room cashing checks and snapping necks straight to the discotheque throwing cash and grabbin’ ass, there’s no better shirt than Wyatt Ingraham Men’s Shirts.

It’s vibrant enough to turn heads, and bold enough to command respect.

Hand-designed by Wyatt himself, there are any number of iconic styles variations to choose from. From I’m Ticked, Let’s Tock to Behind the Eight Ball… Strips of Stripes to Fronds Forever… Wall Street to Keep the Change… there’s *literally* a Cannoli for Everyone.

Like Tony Montana said…

First you get the Money.

Then you get the Power.

Then you get the Women.

Not everyone can live the Palm Beach lifestyle. But everyone can be bold. Wyatt Ingraham Men’s Shirts. Dare To Be Bold.


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