Dame D.O.L.L.A. Is Back With Those Clean Bars And Those… Dutch-Splitting Fingernails?

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Dame’s a talented rapper, no denying that. I don’t know if I have it in me to listen to his album. Last one did nothing for me. But nothing against him doing his thing.

What I do have against him is the fact that he made me look at those atrocious fingernails on his album cover. I mean did no one want to point out to the clean, drug-free rapper that his nails look primed for splitting a dutch and are about a week away from coke nail range?

And look you’ll never catch me saying these guys can’t have hobbies or second jobs in their free time. LeBron has a multimedia empire and a family he spends time with. Durant is managing a bundle of burner twitter accounts and recording two hour podcasts with Bill Simmons twice a week. There’s no reason Dame can’t write and record music. To pretend that every second has to be dedicated to basketball is outrageous.

But part of me has to wonder if Dame has even touched a court in the last month with that fingernail growth. Anyone who’s ever played knows how susceptible you are to breaking or ripping you nail off on a basketball court. And you can’t tell me Dame’s been hooping with those jersey shore ass nails all this time. Do us all a favor and use one single D.O.L.L.A. at your local CVS on some nail clippers, Dame. That’s disgusting.

This is an excerpt from the Tuesday, October 3rd edition of the Ham’s Hoops Roundup. Read the whole thing here…

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