I Wish To One Day Feel The Joy Of Deion Sanders Getting His Hair Back

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I left my phone in a cab last weekend. Left it right there on the seat. Got out. Cab drove off. And I immediately noticed it was gone. Absolutely devastating.

Woke up the next morning fully expecting never to see it again. But hey… might as well check Find My iPhone. Why not, right? I mean if I have the resources. And I love that phone more than life itself. There’s no chance I get it back. No chance.

But then that thing popped up. Ohhhhh boy that thing popped up. That green circle with the phone image popped up in the Bronx and said Sean’s iPhone and I might as well have leapt through the ceiling. Ten hours later I had my phone. It was probably the happiest moment I’ve had in months, reuniting with that phone again. Just pure, unadulterated joy. And it doesn’t measure up to one tenth the joy Deion felt here.



God bless, Prime. God bless.

P.S.   Prime is probably the best nickname going, right? Sure, the original “Primetime” was incredible. But shortened down to Prime makes it immaculate. It’s short, east, impactful, fun to say. I feel cool saying “Prime” out loud to myself right now.

Great blog, Prime. Looking good today, Prime.  Appreciate you, Prime. Stay blessed, Prime.

I don’t think it’s even a debate, Prime.

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