The Death Of Hugh Hefner Was A Groundbreaking Moment In Human History MY COLUMN:

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Hey, you guys wanna hear a weird but interesting thought I had last night?


Ok cool buckle in…

So… rarely can you say the loss of human life is truly a celebration.

Sure, you’d always like to think of death as a celebration of that person’s life. But the grief and tragedy of loss far outweighs that in the moment. Death is sad. Even for the coldest of heart that’s the case. And certainly for the vast majority of us.

The longer and more fulfilling a life that person lived, the easier it is get past that, generally speaking. A man passing unexpectedly in his 40’s is tragic, and the funeral is an overwhelmingly sad affair. A man passing of sickness in his 70’s is unquestionably awful and undoubtedly sad, yet it’s also a little easier to handle knowing they’ve experienced so much of what life has to offer. A man dying in his late 90’s of age is… for lack of a better term… expected. And while grief will always exist, the celebration of a long, fulfilling life is much more prevalent.

Hugh Hefner lived as long and fulfilling a life as one could ask for. I know it’s not that simple. I’m sure he made mistakes and dealt with his own personal demons. But let’s just be honest here… nobody is crying for Hugh fucking Hefner. Nobody saw that news last night and said “oh how sad”. Apologies to the few who may have felt that way, but that’s just the truth.

The overwhelming majority celebrated his life. They praised a man who lived on his own terms and made the most of what this world has to offer. And then… and here’s my point… then they thought about the specifics of that long, fulfilling life he lived. A little nostalgia here and a playmate there and bada boom bada bing, there you have it folks…

Last night was probably the first time in human history that a death… a loss of human life… has resulted in widespread horniness.

Hugh Hefner died the way he lived – getting millions upon millions of guys hard. And I don’t think he’d want it any other way.

Thanks for reading guys my name is Ham and I am a basketball journalist who writes about basketball please take me seriously.

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