Nuclear Annihilation Doesn’t Really Seem All That Bad Anymore

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I’m not a smart person. And I’m being serious here. I’m not just saying that as a form of self-deprecating humor or just as some old blogging trope. I’m not. I think I’m rational. I think I’m empathetic. But I’m not smart. I’m not well read. I haven’t thoroughly discussed and contemplated a lot of the issues we’re dealing with today. I watch sports and make bad jokes on the internet and the only time I leave my house is to go be an idiot at a bar with my friends. And in a way that probably makes me as big a part of the problem as anyone else. I mean this does absolutely nothing to help anything. I get that. But I don’t know how to fix things. I know where I stand on the issue here. But I don’t have the answers on how to fix everything. I don’t know if anyone does – but I know that person isn’t me. I’m not smart.

But hey, at least I’m not as stupid as these two.

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