Stephen Jackson Called Kevin Durant A Twitter Egg And Yes Folks, That Is A Officially A Homicide

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Putting Durant aside for a second… it just occurred to me how funny it would be to tell this story to a young Stephen Jackson. I don’t want to make this a whole examination of the internet and social media and society… I’m talking just specifically about Stephen Jackson.

Like, this is Captain Jack. He grew up in Port Arthur, Texas and made it out of some SHIT. Watched his friends get shot and saw his brother beat to death with pipes. Got in strip club shootouts and willingly held packs for his friends that he would still be doing time for. Choked Steve Francis out at a strip club. I mean for christ sake he jumped into the stands and started whaling on hoards of fat little white guys just to protect his teammate. He’s Tim Duncan’s favorite teammate ever. He’s regarded is one of, if not the realest dudes in the history of the league. I dare you to find me one man with the clout to trade with Oak like this. I double dare you.

Imagine going back to a younger Captain Jack and telling him that in the year 2017 the second best player in the world was using burner social media accounts to defend himself and you ethered him by calling him a “Twitter Egg”. Like yes, younger Stephen Jackson, you calling the second best player in the world a “Twitter Egg”… that’s genuinely the meanest thing you can call him. Welcome to 2017. Oh and by the way you’re on TV and these are the other two guys who you’re exchanging credible basketball opinions with.

The fact that this show format not only works but is genuinely very good is simply preposterous. Rachel Nichols is so goddamn good.

As for Durant?

Look yesterday I compared him to the homophobic politician who gets caught soliciting guys in the bathroom and maybe, just maybe, that was a little too far. But the point still stands with the hypocrisy. Dude you can’t have burner accounts talking shit about your old team after all you’ve done the last year is talk about being open and saying the drama is fake and media/fan-created. It’s like the one, single thing you can’t do.

And it sucks because I’m here for what Durant was doing. I love that he’s candid.


I like that he said this about still being in his 20’s and figuring it out and having acne and drinking beers and busting balls and sliding in DMs. Even if we all know the beer thing is a lie.

Kevin Durant Spits Beer animated gif

I like athletes doing this. I think a lot of people like it and are embracing it more and more. And now you just set it all back by being a Twitter Egg for reasons that will never, ever make sense.


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