Lookin Good, Jonah Hill! Feelin Good, Ham!

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Hey! Everyone give it up for Postmates Malone! 

Okay, fine… yes, this is for a role.

Jonah didn’t just pop up with inked hands and a DeShawn Stevenson neck tat to grab lunch at Geisha House. I don’t know what roll requires you to look like Pippi Longstocking’s smack addict brother but hey, as long as it’s not another reboot I’ll let Hollywood do it’s thing.

What I really can’t get over is the weight loss. No, of course that’s not a new observation. He’s been fluctuating for years – to the point that we’ve all gotten more numb to it than than whatever got Jonah’s latest character here to look like that.

But at some point it becomes like those Family Guy bits that go so long that they become funny again.

At some point, when you’ve gained and lost 60 pounds every three months like Mac in Always Sunny for as long as Jonah’s been doing this then it starts to become absurd again.

Like what’s going on? Really… what’s going on here? I’m asking that from a physical standpoint. As a guy who would very much like to drop some weight, any pointers would help.

But I’m also asking from a mental standpoint. Why do you keep jumping back and forth from fat-person role to skinny-person role Jonah?

I get the concept of diving fully and completely into each role, and I support it. If Daniel Day Lewis wants to stay in character as Bill The Butcher everywhere from on the set to the grocery store to in bed with his own wife, I’m here for it. Jonah is a great, GREAT actor. I’ll never question his methods. I’m just curious as to why he keeps testing the limits of the human body by jumping from looking like a blowfish that got made in War Dogs back down looking to an extra on Orange Is The New Black and up and down and up and down. It just feels like the constant fluctuation is prone to leave Jonah looking like this character in real life and I’m somewhat concerned.

Also seriously please tell me how you keep doing this Jonah I’m desperate.

P.S.   I think most of you know at this point that I’m a big laugh at my own jokes guy. I mean I write a blog so that’s pretty evident. Anyway, I went back to find the first time I did the “Lookin Good Jonah Hill! Feelin Good Ham!” bit. Everything I wrote from back then stinks. STINKS. Nothing worse than re-reading you own writing.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t laugh out loud at this lede. Blowfish that just got made isn’t even really that clever but it cracked me up again.



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