Hey Jimmy Kimmel Stick To Hosting TV Shows And Leave Politics To The Politicians MY COLUMN:

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Oh, I’m sowwy Jimmy. Did your wittle baby have to get a bunch of heawt suwgewies and now you cawe about the government pwoviding heawth cawe to peopow with pweexisting conditions so they don’t die. Awwwwwwww. I’m sowwy.

Hey Jimmy… having a TV show doesn’t qualify you to talk public policy. Being loud and combative doesn’t mean you know anything about health care. Celebrity stature doesn’t give you political influence. You do comedy. And your failing ratings show you don’t even do it well. Shut up about this already. Stay in your lane and host your stupid little TV show with all your little celebrity friends. This country might be obsessed with celebrity but there’s a pretty big difference between that and letting a TV star dictate the real life, real world issues like health care for us. Leave policy to the politicians and maybe worry about improving your unwatchable show.

That’s not even a dig at Trump or any kind of statement on the healthcare bill. It’s just insane to think how far the country’s obsession with celebrity has gone. Two years from now we’re gonna live in a world where Mark Cuban and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are headlining debates for the Democratic nomination while senators Kid Rock and Clay Travis sit on a Fox News panel discussing whether or not Kanye was serious about dipping his toe in the water. Oh and by the way Jeff Bezos owns 82% of the American economy and three quarters of the American population is dead from an onslaught of hurricanes that wipe out the entire eastern seaboard and a string of earthquakes along the San Andreas fault that takes out the entire west coast. Now only Middle America is left – except technically they are now the Coastal Elites and are so confused with how to handle that it’s caused an all-out civil war between the east coast liberals of Arkansas, Missouri, and Iowa and the west coast hippies of Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. The Russians hacked the internet and the Chinese have threatened invasion for the last four weeks. Thankfully, I am dead.

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