Nothing Has Ever Made Me Feel Like Less Of A Man Than This Picture Of Cersei’s Real Dad

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I don’t care about masculinity. The whole idea of manliness and who’s a “real man” is only ever talked about by the lamest dudes in the world who retweet Meninist and idolize Dan Bilzarian and think Clay Travis saying boobs on TV last week was some hilarious and edgy move.

My dad is a man shoutout to my dad. My boys are my boys shoutout to my boys. And Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, Deshaun Watson, and Aaron Judge are my large, diverse, talented adult children. That’s the furthest you’ll ever hear me talk about masculinity. Not because it’s “toxic”. Not because it’s offensive or harmful. Because it’s just lame.

But look what am I supposed to do here?

I mean look at this guy. Probably never lifted a weight in his life and he’s cut like a greek god with a unit that just won’t quit and lip that would give Tom Selleck the sweats. Tenderly grooming his horse without a care in the world but providing for his family, satisfying his wife, and caring for the beautiful creatures that roam free on his humble plot of land. I’m sore from going for a run this morning (fit fam) and Papa Headey here probably worked 16 hour days on the farm until his dying day. You know the whole thing where women use their father as a template for their future husband? Yeah, good luck to whomstever has to fill those shoes*. It’s an embarrassment that I can even claim to be the same gender as this guy.

*Fun Game of Thrones fact… Cersei and Brown actually dated in real life back about 15-20 years ago. Wonder why you’ve never seen them on screen together? Wonder why they bothered with that throwaway moment of Bronn and Pod leaving the dragon pits before the big meeting during the last episode? It’s because it ended so badly that they refuse to even be in the same room together. And if Bronn Of The Blackwater can’t measure up to Lena’s standards of a man then who can?

P.S.   I still can’t get over the who Clay Travis/CNN/boobs thing and how easily the CNN anchor got baited.

It’s been driving me insane over the last week.

Don’t get me wrong… you are a fucking loser if you say things “snowflake” or “triggered”. But look… sometimes these guys have a point.

I mean come on. The guy said the word “boobs” – and very clearly did it to get that response. Just say “Did you just say boobs to get a reaction? Dude that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever seen in my life just get to your point.” And that’s it. That would bury him. It’s so simple.

Playing this incredulous (and equally fake) victim card and going with the sanctimonious lectures is EXACTLY what he wants. EXACTLY. Then he can package that one clip and sell it to those “everyone is so PC” fanboys who think he’s a champion of free speech and democracy for “triggering” a CNN host. And all he did was say boobs and let them do the work. I just, for the life of me, do not understand how people can’t see that.

This whole sanctimonious act of people on the far left is so predictable to anyone with a brain and it’s why these guys like Travis have the following they do. He grooved an 87 mile per hour fastball straight down the middle for her and he did it because he KNEW she would overswing and whiff. Just give it a nice, easy, controlled Derek Jeter swing, knock it into right field, and move on. Even if you are offended, you’re never going to win that fight playing holier than thou. Ever. Just bury him with one simple line and move on. Goddammit why are people so stupid.


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