Behind The Scenes Of The Arya-Brienne Fight Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day

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Clemson absolutely annihilated Louisville this weekend. I know, I know, another Thrones-Sports analogy. Don’t worry it’s relatively quick.

So I’m watching this game and it’s just an absolute massacre. The Clemson defense is eating Lamar Jackson alive. Kelly Bryant is snatching the Heisman from right under his nose. Ray Ray is running wild and Renfrow is catching everything and Dabo’s laughing it up on the sideline while Bobby Petrino turns redder than the devil’s diiiiid I mention by the way that this was all on that stupid cardboard pizza field in front of a bunch of people who thought it was a clever idea for a Gameday sign to trophy-taunt the guy who won the National Championship. I mean jesus h christ that might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

So I’m laughing and I’m smiling and I’m having a grand old time watching this and then… with the game already very much in hand… Clemson trots out their fourth string (FOURTH STRING) running back, a freshman named Travis Etienne, who proceeds to do this…

The smile on my face… I mean I can’t even begin to describe it. You’re not trying to smile. You’re not even thinking about it. You’re just kind of… you’re so lost in the perfection of a moment that your cheekbones shoot up through your eyes and you forget to even breath and you couldn’t look away if jesus christ himself walked into your living room.

Watching Etienne break away from that defense was like this perfect cherry on top of the last few years of Clemson football. Two straight championship appearances, defending champs, best defense in the country and you still put Okla-fucking-homa–who Clemson would beat by no less than 28 points right now–ahead in the rankings? And that run, right there, from a guy who will be a goddamn superstar and who right now is the FOURTH STRING tailback to cap off this particular win, was such a perfect confirmation of how Clemson really is in it’s own galaxy as a college program with Alabama and only Alabama beside them.

So anyway yeah that smile… that lost in the perfection of a moment smile… that’s the smile I had during first time I watched the Arya-Brienne fight and also pretty much every time I’ve watched it since.

See, just a very quick, simple Thrones-Sports crossover reference.

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