WFAN Debuts “The Morning Show With Boomer” After Craig Carton Officially Resigns

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I fell off my WFAN grind a while back. It’s nothing against Boomer & Carton as a show. Always enjoyed it. But between not commuting anymore, switching to a job that wasn’t really conducive to having talk radio on in the background, and really just preferring podcasts both in content and in convenience, I just couldn’t keep doing it. This is already starting to drag out and defeat the purpose of what I want to get to though… so anyway… what I’m trying to say is that this doesn’t really affect me a ton.

I’m not gonna sit here and wax poetic about how much the show meant to me because it didn’t anymore.

But it did mean a lot to a lot of people. One of my roommates is a every day B&C guy. A large portion of my friends are daily listeners or, at the very least, have been like I used to be and/or will still segments here and there. It’s a show that meant something to a lot of people — be it a real, genuine attachment to it, a casual means of keeping up with New York sports, or even just as background noise to get you through the morning.

Now that’s gone. Which is fine. Shows end and hosts change and the show and the listeners learn to adjust to the new reality.

But this… I mean the way this ended is just so unique and so insane and so… just… I don’t even know. It’s unprecedented.

That entire show’s DNA was Carton. He drove the ship. And that’s nothing against Boomer and his talent as a radio guy. Because Boomer himself even said “Ninety percent of the show he’s doing a standup routine and I’m reacting.” 

And now this show has to go on now… in the same exact time slot… with the same exact people there… just without this HUGE, irreplaceable piece. No matter how hard they try to move forward and no matter how much listeners try to adjust to the new reality, there’s always just going to be this black cloud of “the biggest piece of this show is sitting in a jail cell right now.”

That’s just so insane to me.

I’m fascinated to see what happens moving forward. They’re all good enough over there to make it work and to produce a great show. They’ve handled it well already, and will continue to. But this Carton cloud is gonna hang there forever and god damn if that isn’t absolutely insane.


P.S.   Craig Carton is 1000% going to jail and the fact that every single person knows that is still pretty wild. Any time someone in the public is accused of a crime there is, at worst, a small segment of the population saying “maybe he’s innocent” or “it’s still just alleged”. This? This is the most open and shut case in the court of public opinion possibly ever. Wild stuff.

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