I’ll Admit, Deshaun Watson Hanging Out With Mia Khalifa Is Less Than Ideal

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Big night tonight for my winningest and strongest armed son. Big, big night. First career start, 22nd Birthday, and the weight of a city that won’t exactly be healed and restored by a football game, but could at least use a nice distraction in the form of a win. I’m not expecting the world of him tonight – nor should anyone. He’s being thrown into his first career start, on a short week, behind a garbage offensive line, with little to no support from Buttchin O’Brien who would rather let Tom 21Savage stand back there for one two three four five six sem eight seconds with his feet in the mud than play the guy who PUT NICK SABAN AND THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY IN HIS POCKET IN THE BIGGEST GAME IN THE WORLD AND DID IT TWO YEARS IN A ROW.


It’s a really bad spot for a rookie. Really bad. But I trust him. After these last three years how could I not?

I just… ahhhh I did not need to see a video of him with Mia Khalifa today. Really didn’t need to see that. Really didn’t need to see my son attached to the porn man’s Kim Kardashian and her DM-exposing, attention-seeking exploits. It’s just… I mean there’s just nothing good that’s gonna come of this.

The only thing… the only thing that’s at least giving me a little hope here is that this could all just be one last nail in the coffin of Chad Kelly’s career.

Like yeah Chad, I took you job at Clemson. I emasculated you out of the school. And now I here’s a video of me hanging out with the porn star who flambéd you on twitter not once, not twice, but three times. 

Yeah… you know what. That’s actually exactly what happened. That’s it. Definitely just that. Deshaun is just such a competitor that he wanted to rub it right in Swag Kelly’s very much swagless face.

Hey… hey I’ve got one… what a savage move, am I right folks? AM I RIGHT???

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