We Go Now To Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Ditka. Wait…

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Been rolling over this one…

Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Ditka. NFL Legend. The mustache. The slick back. The snarl. Da’ Bears.

Glad to see he’s found a gig on Fox as a sports guy talking about why nobody wants to talk about politics in sports by constantly intertwining politics and sports after ESPN let him go for doing nothing but fart at his desk and hope his old takes would still resonate.

Oh and it’s also I hope the actual Coach Ditka is enjoying retirement too.

P.S. Went over to actual Mike Ditka’s twitter. You know, just to check up on him. Last tweet is from over a year ago and it’s an ad for prostate pills that features a slightly frieghtened and very confused Mike Ditka. I’d imagine the exchange was something along the lines of an intern putting the bottle on the chair as Mike was trying to find the contacts button on his phone for the 83rd straight day, Mike ignoring him over and over, and then the intern yelling something along the lines of “fumble” or even just “BOO!” and catching Mike slightly startled.

P.S.   Seriously though… my personal favorite thing in sports media right now is the Clay Travis’s and Jason Whitlock’s of the world who’s entire content model is based on telling conservative sports fans that conservative sports fans don’t want to hear about politics in sports by constantly talking about politics in sports. Their entire pitch is:

“Sports fans just want to crack a beer and watch the game without hearing about politics in sports which is why you should listen to my three hour radio show which will feature two and half hours of talking about how Colin Kaepernick is over-covered and coddled by the left wing sports media and maybe a half hour on college football”

They’re so blatantly combining the two and it’s such a disingenuous approach that you almost have to respect how they’re getting away with it. I mean they are going on political TV shows, talking about politics in sports, and then passing the videos along to fans and readers as “Sports fans are sick and tired of talking about politics in sports”.

Think about that.

If you’re sick of talking politics in sports, I get it. If you’re mad that ESPN has been leaning left, I get it. But if you can’t see the shit that these guys are pulling and the hypocrisy of their entire schtick you’re as guilty in prompting the mixture of sports and politics as anyone else

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