Water Is Wet. Grass Is Green. Nic Cage Does Not “Act”… He “Feels”

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Variety  —  Cage stated that Taylor had previously approached him to work on a project for television, but he turned him down because “I can’t do TV, I’m an effing movie star.” However, the director is “bringing me back to what I feel is important, which is to be shocking and to be rocking,” Cage added.

When asked about his intense acting style, Cage said, “I don’t even like the word acting anymore because it implies lying in some way. I don’t act, I feel.”

Of course. I mean, of course, right? Was there ever any doubt that this was the way Nic Cage viewed the profession? He’s an actor, yes. But he does not act. Acting is faking. Acting is pretending. Acting is taking on the face and voice of another like you’re Arya Stark. Acting is a lie.

Let me ask you something… does this look like a lie to you?

That, ladies and gentlemen… that is real. That is truth. That is feeling. And nobody feels himself more than Nic Cage except for maybe Ted Cruz. 

Sure it might not win him the awards or the recognition. That’s fine. Punk Rock never won any Grammys, and Nic Cage won’t win any Oscars (except that one time).

Let the “thespians” of the world have their trophies.

Nic is too busy hunting treasures.

God damn that’s so punk rock.

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