Hey Kids, You Like Kristaps Porzingis Highlights?

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I’m neck-deep in the NBA waters right now. I know that sounds weird to say before Week 2 of the NFL season. But between the moved-up start date (October 17th) and wanting to not procrastinate for the first time in my life, I’m here on September 13th analyzing over/under win totals and projecting minutes distribution and trying to remember every transaction from this insane summer before we head into the 17-18 season. Shit, I’m even making outlines and rough drafts for blogs instead of just rolling stream of consciouness into a blog I’ll probably hate the next day. Outlines! Motherfucking outlines, folks!

As you can imagine, there’s gonna be a lot of content on Kristaps a.k.a KP a.k.a my large adult son a.k.a my big baby boy.

I’ve followed his #SwoleSummer very intently on Instagram and yes I have my thoughts on the #gains of my tallest and most favorite of sons.

My child left New York a boy this past April and returns now a man. And you can very much tell that in not only his physique but more importantly in his play. The footwork in the post-to-midrange area. Those off-ball cuts to the basket. That composure in the air after taking a bump. That’s the result of a ton of work both physically and mentally this offseason. And you know what I should probably stop now before I get myself too excited and write another 1000 words.

Oh and by the way Latvia lost but that doesn’t matter. More on this in the P.P.S.

P.S.   I, like probably every other basketball junkie, once fell in love with Anthony Randolph’s potential. Now I hope he gets [redacted for legal reasons] for this move. Garbage.

P.P.S.   I said it didn’t matter that Latvia lost before because, as much as I don’t want Kristaps and the Knicks to get in the habit of losing, this team is still at the very least one more high lottery pick away. Kristaps blossoming yet also taking his bumps in learning how to become a number one guy is the best case scenario for this season. Because sitting right in the top three of next years lottery is Luka Doncic and every single Knicks fan has to be drooling at the idea of a Luka-Kristaps Pick-and-Pop combo terrorizing defenses for the next decade.

That was impressive as hell.

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