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I spent yesterday flying back home to New York from the south. Sorry… The South.

I tell you that for two reasons.

One — and this is completely unrelated to Curb so feel free to skip to the second paragraph — I forgot just how fun college football is in The South. Between racial tensions and storms of the century, the South has been… well it’s been under the microscope a lot lately. Maybe it’s just me and all the time I spend on the internet, but I think it’s easy to get lost in the narratives and the controversy and the tragedy of everything. And I don’t want to make this sound so important, because it’s not. It’ just… it’s so fucking fun to tailgate and fuck around and get drunk and chant and talk shit and enjoy the pageantry and and scream your lungs out and hang on every last goddamn play at a college football game in the south. It’s just the best. Saturday at Clemson was so fucking fun and that defense is so fucking nails and Death Valley is such an experience and god damn do I love Tiger Football. Anyway…

Two… I spent the entirety of my travel time yesterday banging out all five episodes of the Origins with James Andrew Miller Podcast. Five episodes, about 3:40 minutes total, all on the creation/history/development of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s an audio Oral History of Curb, splicing together interviews from Larry and the cast and the producers and it was just the absolute best. Started it the second I got in the Uber in Charlotte, paused a few times here and there, and finished it literally as I got back into my apartment in New York. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough whether you’re a Curb fan, a Seinfeld fan, or just someone interested in hearing the origins of how a television show gets made.

We’ve got two and a half weeks until the debut of Season 9. And I plan on banging out a rewatch of all eight seasons before that Sunday night October 1st.

Awesome walk down memory lane. God damn am I happy to have Larry David (and Clemson football) back in my life.

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