Bama Fan Very Concerned About The Language Barrier For Their Hawaiian Freshman QB #RollTide

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You know what my favorite part about this is? It’s that you can tell that this guy is genuinely trying to be a more open and progressive person.

Is he the sharpest bulb in the box? No. But what I see is a human. A human who is more human that a whole lot of people who can read a map.

There’s no anger here. No resentment towards a supposed foreigner. No righteous indignation about his ability to pick up the language or learn the playbook.

It’s actual, genuine concern.

He wants him to succeed. Sure, he wants him to succeed because he plays for Alabama. But think about the resentment fans hold for their own players. You think fans won’t get racist/homophobic/xenophobic at one of their own players? Get the fuck outta here. There are thousands of Alabama fans who know Hawaiians are Americans that will still call this guy some racist Asian nickname when he overthrows the tight end on second a short.

Not this guy.

In an era with so much divisiveness surrounding sports and race, it’s nice to know there are guys like Chattown Tider who are attempting to bridge the gap.

If we’re getting this from an Alabama Football chat board, then maybe this country isn’t so divided after all.



(LOL just kidding it still is)

P.S.   Do you think Bama fans get the joke when they write “elephant in the room”? Probably not, right? Yeah probably not.

P.P.S.   #Never Forget #RollTide

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