Update: The Warriors 2017 NBA Title Has Been Revoked

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I’m torn here…

On one hand, Kevin Durant is basically untouchable right now. I mean not really untouchable. There are plenty of little things you can roast him for. All without mentioning the whole going to Golden State thing. His hair. His acne. His complete and utter lack of swag. But what he’s shown over the last few months is that he truly, genuinely does not care. He’ll fire back at people on Twitter. He’ll go on with Bill Simmons and be super candid. He just doesn’t care. He won the title. He beat LeBron. He’s probably the best basketball player besides Peak LeBron that we’ve seen since Jordan. He loves playing and living in Golden State. He’s in the best possible position to win and to have fun doing it. And he really doesn’t care about the people who try to discount his success because of the whole superteam thing. Because what can they say when you’re better than every single person in the entire world besides LeBron James at basketball and you just beat him. He’s untouchable. So if he wants to shop from the Tim Duncan selection, there’s really nothing we can say. When you dominate your field, you can pretty much do whatever you want to do.

On the other hand… good lord does this dude not know how to rock a fit.

If he wasn’t already the most swagless superstar in sports this little number here just about wraps it up. Rest of the NBA is in designer fashion and tailored fits and at the same time we’ve got Kevin “The Servant” Durant dressed like he’s about to spend the entire first day of school getting bullied for drawing dark pictures in his notebook before snapping and punching some the blonde douchebag bully in the face in the hallway in front of half the school and having to have both his parents leave work early to pick him up from the principals office where the douchebag blonde bully’s douchebag blonde dad threatens to sue them while Kevin flips off the douchebag blonde kid and calls him a pussy.

That’s your Finals MVP folks? Oh no, no, no, no, no.

Not my Finals MVP

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