A-Rod and J-Lo Working Out To Bon Jovi Is… Well It’s Something

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I’m not a black or white guy. I believe in a gray area. Things aren’t just right or wrong. It’s not this or that. There’s an middle ground on any and all debates or questions and that’s almost always where the answer is. Your side, my side, and the truth

With that being said there are two types of people in this world and two alone.

There are the people who find no humor in this video.

And then there are people who are cackling their asses off at A-Rod and J-Lo’s seemingly 100% fitness-based relationship that continues to result in some of the most deliciously awkward celebrity relationship photos and videos ever. I mean we just watched them work out at UFC gym to Livin’ On A Prayer. That felt closer to an Always Sunny bit than an actual real life workout clip. And it’s now to the point that I’m starting to think this isn’t even a relationship but rather a mutually agreed upon arrangement where A-Rod is J-Lo’s personal trainer and A-Rod gets to derive some weird devious pleasure from getting another female celebrity into bodybuilder-esque shape. Oh don’t believe me? A-Rod has dated Kate Hudson, Madonna, and Cameron Diaz and all three came out of the relationship in the best physical shape of their lives. I’m starting to think A-Rod’s post-baseball career is not as an analyst but rather as a weird hybrid celebrity boy toy/trainer to the stars who will get a rotating cast of 40-to-50-something actresses into peak physical condition.

So yeah, those are the only two types of people in the world. And I only ever want to  spend time with  interact with  make jokes online with the latter. And yes I’m fully aware of how fucking weird I am.

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