Tough Day To Share A Name With An Asshole In The Sports World

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Big day for being named after an asshole in the sports world. Huge day.

First we’ve got the very unfortunately named Robert E. Lee embroiled in controversy because a bunch of disenfranchised, oppressed white guys needed to make a mountain out of a molehill and leak a non-story when ESPN tried to quietly switch the guy to a different broadcast to spare him the uncomfortable moment of going viral for being named Robert E. Lee at the same place that just held a Nazi White Supremacist rally. But hey, what’s it matter that you’re making the story bigger than it is and dragging an announcer through the media cycle when you can show every just how educated and anti-PC you are by expertly explaining that Robert Lee is an Asian American Man and not the deceased loser of a war? Incredible reporting. What bravery. Very anti-pussy of you to give a take of “We all can tell this Asian American isn’t the actual Robert E. Lee, but I guess MSESPN and PC Bromanis don’t want to offend triggered libcucks.” Awesome take. Thanks.

And then we’ve got poor Jon Jones here. Dude has been getting hate tweets for years directed at Jon Bones Jones, who is quite possibly the worst drug test taker in sports history. Dude had to have thought he was in the clear after the Jones-Cormier fight a few weeks ago. Then low and behold… Tuesday night he opens up Twitter to find a TMZ tweet and no less than a million notifications. Absolutely brutal.

Thought if we’re being honest… like… purple haired weird goatee Jon Jones (PHWG Jon Jones) definitely kind of likes this whole thing, right? I mean sure, Office Space Michael Bolton yada yard yada. But in the year 2017 where everyone is just looking to be relevant on the internet this guy defeinitely loves the attention. I know I do, I bet you do, and I’ll sure as fuck bet that a guy with purple hair and a preposterous goatee like that does too. Dude couldn’t WAIT to fire off that tweet last night. And look… why wouldn’t he. Absolutely hilarious. I don’t begrudge him one bit.

He’s got a goddamn tumblr for screenshots of tweets from people who think he’s the real Jon Jones. Old PHWG Jonny here is here for all of it. And you know what, good for him. Have a day Jon. Have a fucking day.

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