If You’re Mad ESPN Switched Robert Lee Off The Virginia Broadcast I Hate You With Every Fiber Of My Being

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I can’t even muster up the energy to write a full blog on this. Look… if you can’t see that this was ESPN quietly trying to help a young announcer avoid an unfortunate, awkward connection and inevitable viral moment… if you think this was in any way political… if you are calling ESPN “triggered” or “MSESPN”… if you can’t see that the people who leaked and have made a HUGE deal out of this story are using wildly fake, manufactured outrage to further their cause… if you can’t see that those people haven’t made one legitimate claim to back up their outrage, or one bit of logic to support their statement… if you don’t know how the internet works in 2017… if you can’t see that this was a leak, and that if ESPN was trying to be political about this they would have made a statement, especially in light of the topic at hand… if you can’t see all that… if YOU are sitting there TRIGGERED at an absolute non-story that the Clay Travises and FOX Newses of the world turned into a story so they could suck their own cocks like Steve Bannon about how fucking tough and heroic they are for standing up for the persecuted white male in a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with that or with politics or political correctness or ANYTHING other than trying to avoid an awkward situation… if that’s you, then please kill yourself.

Wild… it’s almost like the logical explanation is exactly what happened. Who would’ve ever thought? Fuck everyone man I fucking hate the internet.



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