Knicks Sign SuperCoolBeas, And Do It On The Tiny Table #TINYTABLEBACK

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The Tiny Table. In a weird way, the Tiny Table represents so much of what’s been wrong with this Knicks franchise the last decade or so. Physically it absolutely doesn’t fit the role it’s needed for. Metaphorically it’s short, ugly, seemingly harmless yet potentially disastrous stature much in the same vein as James Dolan. And nostalgically it’s a reminder of every awful player this team has brought in and had bend over backwards to sign their life away less than a foot from the floor. It’s there. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t change a thing about it.

Despite all the drama that has and that continues to surround the team, the Knicks are in a better place than they’ve been in some time. Phil and the triangle have been shot off into the sun, replaced by a mostly competent front office (under the immortally incompetent Steve Mills) that will hopefully be led by Scott Perry moving forward. Melo is *crossing fingers until my knuckles go white* likely out the door, allowing for the long-overdue rebuild around Kristaps Porzingis. And for the first time in… well… ever… the Knicks are intentionally built to finish at the top of the lottery.

But as the old saying goes…

You can take the Tiny Table out of the Knicks… but you apparently still can’t buy one normal goddamn table to sign your free agents on because you’re still the fucking Knicks.

P.S.   I’m all in on SuperCoolBeas. If nothing else he’ll be an endless source of entertainment and fun during what will be a very very bad season (for good reason).

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