Human Penis Stephen Miller Might Have The Worst Tell In The History Of Lying

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First of all… I mean… good lord does Stephen Miller look like a penis. That man right there might be the most penis-looking man in the history of penis looking men. He couldn’t look more like a penis if he was wrapped in latex and puking milk.

Second of all… someone needs to tell the penis man to stop twisting his head like a goddamn owl. Talk about a blatant tell. Senior advisor to the President and his tick is less hidden than a dog’s erection which oh by the way did I mention Stephen Miller looks like a penis.

Do you remember going on job interviews in college? You’d go in both woefully unprepared and laughably unqualified. Yet there’s an air of invincibility in you that only exists in college – you know, before the real world beats it out of you. The interviewer would ask his or her questions. Basic stuff that you could answer off the cuff with relative ease because hey, you’re a smart guy right? Then would come the technical questions – in my case the ones relating to anything about Excel.

You’d lean forward, twist your neck at an identifiably uncomfortable angle, use a fake enthusiastic tone, talk a little faster than usual, and try and fail to sound earnest. Every interviewer knew you were lying. But you felt confident enough in that lie that they’d let it go, knowing full well that your boss would likely have to spend a little extra time going over excel when you start in a few weeks.

Stephen Miller is a worse liar than the overconfident, unqualified college kid. That’s where we’re at.

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