Rihanna Calling Diplo’s Music “Airport Reggae” Is Your Roast Of The Day On This Lovely Tuesday

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via GQ

A lot of people will pile on Diplo here. And look, I have no problem with that. One because… like… fuck Diplo. Do I really need to get into that? No, right? Fuck that dude.

And two because that’s a just high quality roast.

I’d imagine having your music called Airport Reggae is like in The Office when Oscar’s boyfriend Gil calls Pam’s drawings “Motel Art”. It probably does make you want to kill yourself. Pretentious as it might sound, great art is “daring”. It evokes emotions that can range from “brilliant” to “garbage”. The only place you don’t want to be is the middle. Calling your music “Airport Reggae” is saying you are Vanilla Pudding mediocrity for the masses, and that has to crush your spirit like a fucking anvil.


But the thing is… I’d still take that from Rihanna.

Like… it’s Rihanna. I’ve been weirdly into looking at pop stars catalogs lately. I don’t know, it’s just a thing. Whatever. But look at Rihanna’s top 20 songs here.

Look at that list. Heater after heater after heater after heater. I forgot how good some of those songs were. Club bangers. Powerful ballads. Poppy sing-alongs and emotional tear-jerkers. Just crazy range. CRAZY. FourFiveSeconds is number 20 on that list. FourFiveSeconds is a GREAT fucking song. I dare you not to have it stuck in your head the rest of the day. Go ahead. I DARE YOU.

Having Rihanna even acknowledge your music as good enough to play in an airport she’s in is a goddamn blessing. Sure, you might not want to hear it as a multi-billion-dollar DJ. But dude, you’re Diplo. Your songs are hits because of the people singing on them and everyone knows that. So the biggest pop star of the decade called your Airport Reggae music exactly what it is – Airport Reggae with good singers over it. Eat the roast and move on.

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