Abby Hornacek Could Honestly Give The Knicks Solid Minutes This Season

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Playground days 🏀

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Look at Abby Buckets over here. I guess she got something from her dad other than those Horny good looks.

Look we know the team is going nowhere this year. Lose, lose, lose, lose, lose. That’s the name of the game. #SecureTheBagley (Trademark me) #DumpForDoncic #PortOPottyForPorter (that one needs some work). Bottom out. Get in that top three. And rebuild around KP, Frank, and one of Bagley/Porter/Doncic.

All this year is about is developing a team-first culture and a smart, efficient system around my large adult son Kristaps.

You know why the Warriors move the ball? Because they each know their teammates are more likely than not going to hit the open shot. You know why the Knicks have kept going back to iso ball? Because Melo knew much more likely than not that his teammates would miss the shot.

What better way to encourage a culture of ball movement for this new era of Knicks Basketball than to surround KP and Frank with shooters who can capitalize on the opportunities they’re given?

Abby Hornacek is a knock down shooter. Throw her out there and she’ll get buckets. More buckets = more ball movement = better team culture. Simple as that.

This ain’t a Doc and Austin Rivers situation. Abby’s not coming in here demanding to run the offense with Chris Paul on the court. She’s a role player. A 3-and-D specialist who’s there for the kick out off a Frankie Smokes-KP pick-and-roll. That’s exactly what this team needs right now. She’s got size. She’s got poise. She’s got intangibles. 

We don’t need an old shooter in the corner like Hornacek. We need a young shooter in the corner that is Hornacek. And yes I did write this entire blog simply to use that line.

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