Remember When The Melo-To-Houston Trade Was At The 2 Yard Line…

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Let’s flash back to Wednesday…

Aaaaaand now today…


Just run the fucking ball!

God damnit man. Why… why do we do this to ourselves? Why? What is the point?

I sat there on Wednesday and weighed out both sides of the seemingly-inevitable Melo trade as logically as I could. I tried to be fair to Melo. And worse than that, I tried to be fair to the front office. I defended the fact that a return for Melo will likely be bad because more than anything, it will be win to move on from the Melo era.

But here we are. Two days later and Steve Mills threw the ball at the two yard line like Russell fucking Wilson.

And despite the fact that I saw it coming, it still doesn’t take away the pain.

Now look… I get the rational here. They just hired a new GM, Scott Perry, and want to make sure he has a say in this trade.

A GM who by most accounts is a smart, qualified guy and, most importantly, is not an MSG/Dolan crony. In the three months he spent with Sacramento, he was responsible for both their very strong draft (I’d have just taken Monk at 10 or picked OG Anunoby at 15 or 20 after the trade. But I like turning one asset into two. And I think Fox is a star, Jackson will be a solid rotation player, and Giles was worth a shot at 20), and the brilliant signings of smart, super-respected vets in George Hill, Zach Randolph, and Vince Carter into leadership positions for a young, inexperienced team.

Time will tell whether or not those draft picks pan out. But I like the thinking behind his draft strategy. Add in the Hill, Z-Bo, Vince signings and it looks like Perry knows what he’s doing.

Which is why… yes… it does make sense to put the Melo trade talks on hold until he can be part of the talks.

What would have been nice is if they’d used that same thinking before Mills gave EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS TO TIM HARDAWAY JR. AND RON BAKER. Goddammit.

Are the trade talks dead? No. Hopefully Houston and/or Melo doesn’t have a change of heart over the weekend so that we can resume these talks with a competent GM in Perry leading the way. Who knows, maybe he can even get a pick and/or asset back as opposed to the four bad contracts Mills would’ve got in the trade.

I just… I wish the Knicks could make this easy for once.

Also if they actually decide to keep Melo (I’m not even entertaining that idea right now) I don’t think I’ll ever recover from those blue balls. Ever.

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