Milo Yiannopoulos Is Basically Throwing Stefon-From-SNL-esque Parties Now

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Look Milo is a troll and an admitted pedophile and basically as trash as human trash gets so let’s just push that to the back burner for now. Or actually let’s just push it completely off the grill and straight into the trash. I don’t feel like going down that road late on a Thursday and I doubt you do either.

I just wanted to post this because, despite who is throwing it and what the intentions behind it are, it’s impossible not to laugh at the description of that party.

Video from the event showed a range of hired talent: “jihadi strippers” who peeled off chadors to reveal g-strings; midgets wearing yarmulkes, intended to mock the Jewish journalist Ben Shapiro; and a Hillary Clinton impersonator who could be plunged in a dunk tank.

I mean that is literally a Stefon line from SNL. If Bill Hader was reading that he’d break character three times and start crying actual tears as Seth Meyers hid his laughter behind his Weekend Update notes. John Mulaney and Hader would scrap that line in dress rehearsals because Hader wouldn’t be able make it through the sketch. It’s simply preposterous. And if nothing else, it at least opened the door for us all to go back and watch those Stefon skits like I’ve been doing for the last half hour.

Absolutely hilarious.

(Watch Stefon skits here)

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