Watching People Claim “The Balls Are Juiced” To Explain Aaron Judge Is Just The Best

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Listen… I get it. I understand. I’m as in awe of my big baby boy Aaron as everyone else. Even having watched him his whole life and seen the work ethic and known how special he is, I’d be lying if I told you I expected this in his first full season. As any parent knows, our children are always full of surprises.

And as someone who spends the vast majority of his life watching and discussing and dissecting sports, it doesn’t surprise me in the least to see people questioning the validity of a phenomenon like this. It’s the way the world works. There’s too much coverage, too much access, too much time spent devoted to the world of sports for there not to come any backlash. Even when there’s nothing there, we’ll find a reason to doubt… a reason to hate… a reason to inquire. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. I’m cynical to a fault. It’s as much a reason for this website anything. So I’ll never begrudge someone for feeling the need to question even the smallest of changes anywhere along the sports landscape – let alone an emergence like this.

But folks,,,,, come on.

Come on.

You know there’s nothing here. You know it. You know this is real. You know Aaron Judge is that good. You know it. Come on. You know.

By all means, keep this up. Run with the juiced ball theory. Test him for steroids every hour on the hour. Shit, make him use a wiffleball bat for all I care. It doesn’t matter. It really, truly doesn’t matter. And it makes each and every 450 mile shot just that much sweeter.

Because watching someone transcend not only the game of baseball, but the laws of physics, to the dismay of every non Yankee fan out there… I mean it’s just so god damn fun. It’s an absolute delight. It’s one thing to watch greatness. But it’s a whole other level of satisfaction to watch it in the face of doubt.

I love my thiccest large adult son.

P.S.   Is there something to the juiced ball theory? Of course. There are going to be changes made to equipment of all sorts as technology advances.

But more so than anything it’s just adjustments. Advantages swing back and forth in baseball as much as in every other sports. Pitchers adjust and scoring goes down, hitters adjust and scoring goes up, pitchers adjust and scoring goes down, hitters adjust and scoring goes up, and on and on and on. Right now we’re on an upswing for hitters… in part because, well, because hitters are swinging up more. Add in advancements in strength training and scouting and an influx of young offensive talent and this is the result. Give it a few years and pitchers will adjust and scoring will go back down. That’s the way things work.

Just know the one constant will be Aaron Judge mashing baseballs like Paul Bunyan.

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