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When your franchise is a joke and in complete shambles and your new Team President is the same old MSG/Dolan Yes-Man that’s been a huge part of all the failure of the last two decades and he just bid against nobody to commit $80 million to Tim Hardaway Jr. and Ron Baker and there’s no veteran PG to help our 18-year-old rookie develop and we’re about to get nothing in return for Melo and you’re genuinely afraid we’ll somehow actually give up draft picks and/or Willy in the trade and every night you lie awake half in a panic and half philosophizing why in the world you put yourself through this and you wake up every morning in fear of a Woj/Shams bomb that your team did something stupid again so you just watch workout videos of your young large adult unicorn son who is your only hope in this cruel, unforgiving Blue and Orange world >>>>>>>>>>>>


When you hated your old front office and hate your new step-dad front office even more.

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