Okay What In The Fuck Is Happening Here?

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What do you think is going through the mind of a person laying his or her hand on Donald Trump in prayer?

Like… what is that like? You, person who has dedicated your life to religion, know full well that Donald Trump has never, does not, and will never care about religion. If he didn’t have the unwavering support of all your constituents he’d laugh in your fucking face. And yet you have to sit here with your hand on his back like this guy is a fucking deity.

What does that feel like? That has to bet the most pathetic thing in the world, right? Or are you just so far down the well as bullshit artist that it doesn’t even occur to you just how pathetic this looks?

And look, there’s as much to say about Trump right now as ever before. But god damn if I don’t respect the hell out of him emasculating a bunch of religious leaders. All these fucking con men gathered together and Trump was like “I’m going to ask these idiots touch me like I’m the son of god himself and they’re all going to do it.” King Con here gobbling up the other superpredators like it’s the end of Jurassic Park.

P.S.   Do you think he said an actual prayer? Like yeah he probably had his “spiritual advisor” say something. But I like to imagine one of these guys challenging him like “Mister President, it would be honor if you could lead the prayer” knowing full well he couldn’t say the Our Father if his life depended on it. And Trump just winging it like Frank Abagnale at the dinner table just with a Golf metaphor/Dad joke. God damn that would be incredible.

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