JR Smith Likes A Picture Of Melo In A Cavs Jersey And #OffseasonSZN Has Officially Begun

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Welp… here we go.

The NBA Offseason Season, or #OffseasonSZN, has officially begun. Woj bombs and emojis. Low-key follows and not-so-low-key Likes. Reckless conjecture. Senseless speculation. And enough foolhearted fodder to convince even the most hopeless of fanbases to turn optimistic for a few hours at a time.

It’s become such a spectacle that even the staunchest of basketball supporters can’t disagree when the NBA haters say the offseason is more interesting than the regular season.

I mean… it’s not. At least to those of us who actually like the sport. But it’s pretty hard to disagree. Big free agency moves in the NBA stop the sports world in a way only comparable to championship games or massive tragedy/scandal. Even secondary and tertiary level signings or lower profile trades will get the NBA twitter/blog/podcast world going as much as any monster regular season performance or epic postseason game.

No fanbase/media loves to dissect moves quite like the NBA. And no league does a better job of catering to that than the NBA does from late June through early August, right up through Summer League.

The season might be done. The Warriors might be the most overwhelming favorite Vegas has ever seen going into next season. The league as a whole might already be resigned to an untouchable Golden State dynasty these next few years, even if it’s good for us all long term.

But we’re still in for a wild next month and a half.

How will LeBron respond to the Warriors? What do the Clippers do with Chris and Blake? Does Hayward choose Miami or Boston? How do the Celtics handle Isaiah? Will Paul George get traded? What do the Lakers do with their pick? Can Golden State keep their role players for very cheap? Does Chicago keep Jimmy Butler? What does Pat Riley have up his sleeve in South Beach? Can the Spurs sign Chris Paul? Does any young, rising team try to make a splash? Will Melo ever get traded? How much jail time would I get for physically fighting Phil Jackson?

These are all just some of the questions we’re going to have answered and that I myself will recklessly speculate on over the next few weeks.

#OffseasonSZN has officially begun, folks.

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