I Have Fathered A Mutant. I Am So Proud

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I… I have fathered a mutant. My strongest large adult son is a god damn mutant. He is the incredible hulk. He is an otherworldly being. He can juggle boulders and scale buildings in a single bound. He mashes baseball with the power of a thousands suns, and does it all with a wry smile and a quiet yet noticeable sense of awe at is own abilities that warms the cockles of my heart. He is my son. And I am so proud.

I could talk all day about my pride and joy, but 1) I have an NBA Finals blog to finish, and 2) there will be plenty more opportunities to write about him.

Aaron Judge ain’t going anywhere, folks. We’re far past that point. Sure he might hit a rookie wall at some point. Might. But that power ain’t going anywhere. That plate discipline ain’t going anywhere. That quiet confidence? Those nerves of steel? That fear he ignites in every pitcher just by his sheer size and presence? That’s all very much here to stay. Aaron Judge already is and will remain one of the best and most dangerous players in baseball well into the next decade.

We’ve got all the time in the world, folks.

P.S.   I threw in Didi’s tweet up there because while Didi himself may be too #HUMBLE to shout himself out, I have no problem with that. Dude is hitting .435 in the month of June and, after a 4-for-4 night last night, is now up to .344 on the season since missing most of the first month. He’s been absolutely RAKING, and is doing it all out of the seven hole most nights with absolutely zero protection from Chase Headley.

I’ve always been a big Didi guy. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect replacement for Jeter (Perfect, not “best”. He’s rock solid in every facet of the game and has never needed to filled Jeter’s shoes as the face of the team. That’s a perfect fit to replace Jeter.) And watching him perform like this to the point that the organization is absolutely justified in moving the best prospect in baseball from Shortstop to Third Base in order to keep Didi long term is one of a long list of incredible things about this Yankees Renaissance.

Oh and by the way… Gleybar Coming

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