Finally, A School Initiative We Can All Get Behind

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Folks, it’s 2017. Millennial? Sheesh. Let me tell you something about these Millennials that you might not know. Millennials have options. Millennials don’t read the newspaper these days. They’re multitaskers. They’re on the twitter. They’re on snapface. They’re on instachat. It takes a lot to get their attention.

Well you know what will grab their attention? A big ol’ poster about Busting a N.U.T. in the middle of the hallway. That’s gonna get snapped, grammed, and tweeted by every Tom, Dick, and Harry Devon, Asher, and Milo at your local Millennial Middle School.

And that’s a good thing. Because behind the N.U.T. you’ll find a very important, succinct message. Never abandon your friends, Understand your friends feelings, Tell your friends how you feel. Above all else, being a good friend will get you through your adolescent years. So you can’t underestimate the importance of this message, no matter it’s method of delivery.

Kids will forget proper grammar techniques. Kids will forget their SINE’s and COSINE’s. Kids will forget how to do their taxes. But kids will never forget how to N.U.T. Believe that.

P.S.   I am five.

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