Bar Wastes No Time Looking To Fill Their Open Wou– I Mean Open Position

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This is like on Hard Knocks when you the first twenty minutes of an episode center around some undrafted rookie defensive lineman who is absolutely killing it. Dude is beating starters off the ball, setting the edge, catching the head coaches attention. Maybe there’s a preseason game and he gets a strip sack. Just killing it.

And then he pops his achilles and immediately gets cut. Like hey good job man. You were killing it. If you need me to make a call I’ll make a call for you. But I also have to get this roster down to 54 guys by Thursday and you just saved me a tough decision.

All in the game baby.

Sorry about that bullet lodged in your arm and all but I have a bar that needs keeping. Those beers aren’t gonna serve themselves you know what I mean haha *slaps back* Oh sorry about that.

Well hey good luck. Happy hour starts in fifteen minutes.

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