Mike Francesa Explains The Zone Defense While Absolutely Housing His Lunch On Air

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Five and a half hours a day. Rant after rant. Interview after interview. Caller after caller after caller after caller after caller. The fact that Mike hasn’t been caught with a mouth full of Italian combo more often is a minor miracle. The man will go large stretches of radio in complete silence. He’ll mumble through stats for minutes at a time. Last year he counted… just simply counted numbers… for 45 seconds. The fact that we’re just now hearing him eat on air is, if anything, a testament to his professionalism. And the fact that he still answered the question while chewing rather than just leaving dead air is downright impressive. That’s why he’s the king. That’s why he’s the pope. That’s why he’s numbah one.

P.S.   I can’t stop laughing at the fact that Mike just swallows that bite of chicken whole. Never noticed that until five minutes ago and now I can’t stop laughing about it. He literally just closes his mouth and sucks it right down his throat. Doesn’t even pretend to chew it a little bit. Was so ready to give the “AHHHH” to the camera that he didn’t bother wasting time chewing. Absolute pro.

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