Go Ahead and Beat The Beat Up Windhorst!

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As a pretty disgusting mess of a human in multiple facets, I’m not exactly in the body shaming business. I’m a karma guy. And I don’t need anything else working against me by sitting here critiquing weight issues like I’m Jillian Michaels or something. Windy can be whoever he wants to be.

But for the love of god dude, just spring for the extra foot of fabric on the suit jacket. There is no worse look in the world than the dress shirt hanging out below the bottom button of a suit


Just absolutely brutal. Highly respected insider in the NBA. Mostly shed the “Lebron’s puppet” tag. Worked your ass off to keep a job before ESPN laid off one billion people. And yet you’re out here on the First Take set looking like the cousin at the wedding who hasn’t worn a suit in two years and has to stop chewing with the food still in his mouth to take breaths just so he doesn’t pass out. And yeah that was really mean but it comes from a place of love. Just buy a size larger Windy. Shit, wear a robe like you’re a judge and make that your bit. Just please, for your own sake, don’t let your stomach hang lower than the suit jacket like that.


Or just stay behind the desk and don’t get up to play the tamborine looking like a younger version of Chris Christie staring dead eyed into the distance filled with the regret of selling your soul. Nothing good was ever going to come of that decision.

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