Live Video Of The Naval Academy Plebes Climbing The Herndon Monument Is Absolutely RIVETING

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I’ve been watching this the last half hour and it is fucking riveting. Just a mass of humanity piled together around this greased up obelisk. Sweat and limbs and 50 goddamn pounds of lard slathered onto the monument. They are so freakin close… so close… and yet so far away. My dad has explained how they made it back when he did it and I still have absolutely no clue how that happened. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. It physically makes no sense. I mean like I get how you can stack people. During the short time they removed the lard the plebes would do it in like five minutes. But the 50 pounds of lard changes everything. It defies logic. But then again that’s what makes these kids who they are.

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