Good Morning To Everyone Except The People Who Don’t Get That This Tweet Was A Joke

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You guys are kidding right? All this outrage over the tweet was just a joke about the joke right? There’s nobody who really thinks that the person running the NBA account doesn’t know who Dave Chappelle is, right? RIGHT?

Is everyone really that eager to show outrage? Can we all just sit back for a second and think, “hey, maybe I should rethink this position”

How… How in the living fuck can you not see the joke here? How is that possible? How are you a person who consumes the NBA and follows the social accounts and spends time on the internet and looks at jokes and memes all day and don’t get that this is a joke? How can you possibly think the person running the NBA Twitter account — the account for THE NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION — would know who Amy Schumer is but not Dave Chappelle?

Was it the best joke? Of course not. But one thing is crystal fucking clear and that is that it was a joke.

If you saw this and freaked out and called it disrespectful I truly, genuinely hope you have a terrible Monday.

And also take a lap. Awful.

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