Contrary To Popular Belief, Sinbad Is In Fact Not Arsenio Hall

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I wonder what Arsenio was doing when she said that…

Bob Eubank lookin mother fucker you shoulda told me how good the cheese was

You ever have those mornings where you just wake up and laugh at everything? I mean I really hope you do because otherwise I’m going to sound like a certified psychopath right now. But there are just mornings where I laugh and I laugh hard and out loud, completely to myself, at absolutely anything. If there was a camera on my all you’d see is this lunatic laughing out loud every few minutes. Sometimes at something online. Sometimes at something I remember. Mostly at my own jokes.

This morning was one of those mornings. And this Sinbad tweet had me. I don’t even know why. The story itself. The “In the airport flying”. The completely preposterous punctuation use. I’ve been laughing at this for like fifteen minutes.

Cool, thanks. Great blog Ham.

P.S.   Shoutout to that time Sinbad and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 made the most random Always Sunny cameo short of the Game Of Thrones guys in the waterpark episode this year. Sinbad and Rob Thomas! What a duo.

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