Big Game Hunter Hilariously Dies When Elephant Falls On Him

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NYDN  —  While leading clients through a game reserve in Zimbabwe Friday afternoon, a big game hunter died after getting crushed by an elephant that had been shot by a member of his group. Theunis Botha and his fellow hunters reportedly interrupted a herd of breeding elephants, prompting three elephant cows to charge, the Telegraph reports.

The 51-year-old South African fired his rifle but a fourth elephant somehow managed to surprise him, lifting him into the air with its trunk. In response, one of the other hunters shot the perturbed pachyderm, killing it. However, as the creature collapsed, Botha found himself underneath it, his body broken by the elephant’s weight.

Founded on “a mutual love for Africa and its natural beauty,” his company, Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris, claims to have “perfected leopard and lion hunting safaris with hounds.”

Ironically, Botha was close friends with Scott van Zyl, a hunter who was also killed in Zimbabwe last month.

He was eaten by crocodiles.

Hey honey look. I’m killing elephants because I hate myself an need to interrupt elephants having sex so I can shoot one to feel like a big strong man aaaaaaaand I’m dead.

HAH. What an idiot.

I don’t know if it’s humanly possible for me to have less sympathy for someone who dies while big game hunting. Shit, let’s just drop the facade altogether… I’m pretty much actively rooting for you to die if you’re hunting big game.

We could go back and forth forever about the merits of hunting and deer population and hunting for food and yada yada yada. That’s a discussion for another day.

But if you pay THOUSANDS of dollars to go to Africa to “hunt” — aka walk around dressed in fancy safari gear with some jerkoff like Theunis Botha waiting for something to pop up for you to shoot your rifle at and take a picture with it’s dead body to hang on the wall of your office to show dinner guests who would rather rip their arms off than be at this dinner party with the douchebag dentist married to their wife’s college friend who won’t stop talking about the elephant he killed — you are an asshole. You’re an asshole. That’s it. You are a human, poop-filled asshole and I genuinely hope you die on your “hunt”. You want to pay thousands of dollars to go walk around actively trying to kill animals for NO other reason than to feel like a man and boost your self worth, then I hope they actively try to kill you back and succeed like my man dumbo here.

Game is the game baby. Can’t play with those rules then get the fuck off the court stop buying trips to Africa to kill animals you fucking loser.

When you thought you could just kill elephants and they start killing you back.

P.S.   Delicious

Ironically, Botha was close friends with Scott van Zyl, a hunter who was also killed in Zimbabwe last month.

He was eaten by crocodiles.

P.P.S.  Theunis Botha? More like Theunis Botha DEEZ NUTS

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