You Will Never Love Something More Than Becky Loves This Slice Of Pizza

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I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I shouldn’t call all white girls Becky.

Her name is Claire.

And dear god does Claire love this pizza. To be honest I might be violating an FCC compliance rule by not posting this before the picture.

This girl isn’t just enjoying it – she needed that… pizza.

Like… needed it needed it. Work has been really stressful needed it. It’s been a few months needed it. I’m the only one of my friends that’s single needed it.

Claire needed that pizza and was going to enjoy the hell out of it no matter who was around. Didn’t matter who was watching. Didn’t matter who could hear. Claire was going to enjoy that pizza. It’s her night. She needed this night. She need that… slice. And god damn if she cares who knows it.

P.S.   It’s Friday afternoon and we’re a week away from MDW it’s only getting weirder from here on out people. Buckle in.

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