The New York Knicks Have A 0.00% Chance Of Winning The Draft Lottery Tonight

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Draft Lottery tonight folks! One of the biggest nights of the NBA season with long-term effects reaching far beyond those of any game played this week. This is a night that can alter the course of a franchise, multiple franchises, shit… the entire NBA. Cleveland is the center of the NBA universe because of the lottery. San Antonio became a dynasty because of the lottery. Philadelphia reshaped the way GM’s approach tanking because of the lottery.

And yes, there are other factors at work. But at the end of the day if you win the lottery and get a franchise player that alters the roadmap of your organization more than any other move in any other sport.

And this lottery is about as big as it gets. The number one seed Eastern Conference Finalist Boston Celtics could add a transcendent guard if things go as planned. The Lakers could either land a top three pick and monster trade chip for Paul George, or lose their pick altogether. The Sixers could end up with two of the top four picks in the draft to add to their (extremely injury prone) core of Embiid, Simmons, and Saric… or get jumped and have the Lakers keep their pick end up with one pick outside the top five. The Kings could potential, as unlikely as it is, lose the first round pick and best asset they got back for DeMarcus Cousins if the Pelicans jump into the top three. On the flip side, the Pelicans could end up hitting the jackpot and drafting a player to play with Davis and Cousins. Orlando desperately needs a point guard. The Suns are a wing away form becoming a young powerhouse. Minnesota needs a third banana with Towns and Wiggins. Dallas is rebuilding and could benefit greatly from a top three pick.

But moreso than anyone else. The one team… front office excluded… that needs and deserves to win this top three pick is the New York fucking Knicks.

We need this. I need this. Knicks fans need this. Kristaps Porzingis needs this. We fucking need the ball to bounce our way and hit that top three pick to create the Fultzingis, Ballzingis, Foxingis Pick-And-Roll combo that could save this godforsaken franchise from the depths of Triangle Hell.

And you know what’s going to happen?


We’re absolutely not jumping into the top three and to be honest I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked to see… say… two well-run, competent franchises like Miami and Dallas jump into the top three and push us down to nine. Jayson Tatum or Lauri Markennen here we come!

I crave death.

P.S.   Real Draft breakdown coming in the Ham’s Hoops Roundup tomorrow morning as I try to talk myself into the possibility of one of the point guards falling to #9. Should be a lot of fun.

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