That Feel When You Finally Land Your First Breakthrough Acting Roll >>>>>

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“Hey David so how’s that acting thing going?”

“Eh pretty good. Just grinding along, y’know.”

“You land any good par–“

“Yeah but just like this small thing. Nothing major. Just as an extra. Didn’t even make the credits.”

“Shit they didn’t even give you a cre–“

“HAHAHA yeah man total bummer but whatever haha how’s your job going” 

On a certain level I can relate to this guy. I mean… no… I’m not giving vigorous hand jobs on television and then being labeled the VIGOROUS HAND JOB GUY. Yet. But I also have to go through the charade of… let’s say… not fully divulging the intricacies of my profession when conversing with well-adjusted adults.

“Oh so what do you do for a living?”

“Me? I’m actually a… a sports writer. I write about basketball.”

“Oh wow that’s cool. Just basketball?”

“Sometimes other stuff…You know other sports stuff. But really just basketball.”

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