See Me In The Male Romper All Summer 17 Catching Eyes From Your Respectable Lady

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There are two types of people in this world, those who embrace the summer as it’s own beautiful, spectacular, inhibition-free entity, and those who see it simply as the warmer part of the calendar year.

The latter may scoff at the Male Romper. There is an entirely-too-serious tone in their disgust. One that reflects their hatred of fun and their unwillingness to embrace the mood

The former sees the Male Romper for what it is.

The Male Romper is not an article of clothing. It is not a fashion statement or an attack on masculinity or anything of the sort.

The Male Romper is a vibe.


The Male Romper is a vibe and you either feel it or you don’t.

Catch me on the porch in the Salmon print with a Corona like Dom Toretto finding my beach. Catch me at the Boardy Barn in the Polka Dots looking highkey thicc while your girl smacks stickers on me. Catch me on the beach in the sear sucker buttoned all the way up because MDW is ten days away and I forgot to get in shape again this year.

Catch me in the Blue Chambray joint on The Drift dance floor with your respectable lady while she tries to slide my romper to the side. No, no, no, no, no ma’am. I’m sorry. Some boys may let you do that but I’m not that easy. I didn’t just wear my male romper to be your eye candy. I would never ju– excuse me, excuse me. My eyes are up here. I know I may look thiccer than a texas t-bone in this but I am not a piece of meat. I am a smart strong independent white male and I see far too many women eying me up and down like an ice pop in August in my male romper to give it up that easy.

Catch me in the Male Romper all summer 17 just vibing. I may look like an absolute asshole but you’re gonna feel real dumb real quick in that normal ass outfit of yours when I roll up in the Splattered Paint Cotton while your #WCW bites her lip.

10 days til MDW. Get your orders in quick.

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