James Harden Hit The Club After The Game Last Night

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You can say a lot of bad things about James Harden after last night. A very many whole lotta extremely tons of bad things.

But credit where credit is due… James Harden does not give one single fuck. My man put on the Gucci hoodie and had the uber waiting outside mid-press conference. I am going to the club and getting loose to trap music and tipping back this Hennessey until I can’t tell you what time of year the day was.

He knows full well that a bunch of high and mighty journalist and extremely mad online fans will “kill” him for this and he absolutely, positively does not care. Which is good and correct. He shouldn’t. He absolutely has the right to go out and take his mind off this and not just wallow in self pity. If you argue otherwise you are a fucking LOSER. Your head is so far up your own ass that you should be sneezing over the toiler. Everyone hates you. Everyone. Your friends, your family. Everyone hates you. Get over yourself.

That’s it. I really just wanted to yell at those people.



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