Good Morning To Everyone Except The Maddest Person Ever Who Is Also A Wild Racist

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You mad bro? It seems like you’re mad about something. I don’t know, just kind of feels like you’re mad? Are you mad? 

Real talk can you imagine being this mad about anything? Look, I’m not here to shame people for losing their shit. Racism, sure. Racism is shame-worthy. But we all lose our shit about every once in a while. For me it’s mostly little things. I’ll sit here and call myself a fat failure* every morning when I get writers block. I get mad. I’m mad bro plenty of times.

But this? I genuinely though this guys face was going to explode in anger. He’s not just the maddest person ever. He’s the maddest “I’m not even mad” mad person ever. He’s so mad bro that he’s just laughing bro. Donald Trump bro. I’m not even mad bro Donald Trump is my president bro. I’M NOT MAD YOU’RE MAD BRO. DONALD TRUMP WILL STOP YOUUUUUUU.

P.S.   Pounding your chest like a gorilla doesn’t really have the same effect when you’re a 5’2 ginger.

P.S.   Life comes at you fast

*Just a little update on how my life is going and where I’m at as a person right now…

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